To Chatham

Tonight, I have to sleep in my tent. I love my tent. I love my sleeping bag. I love this trip. But I was really getting to love beds. They’re comfortable in a way that the ground is not.
I am definitely happy to be back on the road again. Pembroke and Ottawa were amazing breaks, but it’s time to get going again.
After a huge breakfast with my mom, we said goodbye and I started riding. Getting out of Ottawa was pretty straightforward, and once I got onto highway 148 it was pretty smooth sailing. Quebec has these awesome bike trails that will pretty much take you anywhere, and most of the highways are very bike friendly with large paved shoulders. Occasionally, the huge bike path, called the route vert (the green path), would diverge from the highway and then meet back up with it.
I decided to take one of these divergent paths. It took me through the residential area of a small town. It was quite nice but also very similar to every other residential area of a similarly sized town that I’ve ever seen. Additionally, the smaller roads were exactly what you would expect in Quebec and were riddled with potholes. Sometimes I wish my bike had suspension.
Another of these divergent paths led me to a gravel road which I was stuck on for a few kilometres. The whole time I was on that road I was worried about getting a flat tire – I just got these tires in Thunder Bay, I can’t get new ones already! Fortunately everything on my bike survived and I only almost went into a slide once. After that, I decided perhaps I would stay on the highways.
The terrain today was quite flat, except for a bit at the end when I entered the escarpment. It really was very beautiful and as I got further into Quebec there were some beautiful old and huge homes made of stone.
I arrive at the campsite earlier than I had expected. I definitely could have done another 10km, but there would not have been a campsite there. There are a few mosquitoes here, but they’re the PG version (not the higher rated version of northwestern Ontario). I can’t believe it, but the sun is setting at 9pm! That’s super early compared to what I’ve gotten uses to, especially the 10:30pm setting in Golden, BC.


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