In Quebec City

I love Quebec City. It’s been several years since over been here, but I love it still. It’s so beautiful and old and awesome. Perhaps I need a thesaurus.
I had a great sleep in this morning and only rolled out of bed at about 10. I had some breakfast, talked to the Germans (there were 4 Germans and 1 Swiss guy, and I can’t remember any of their names. So sue me), and took off to explore the old city.
For some reason, I had not expected so many tourists. I don’t know why. But the whole of the old port was completely packed. I had to get out of there and away from all of those people. And yes, I understand the irony of the situation – I’m a tourist but I hate being around other tourists. Is that more ironic or hypocritical? Should have paid better attention in English class.
After walking around some of the quieter areas of the old city, and checking out the ramparts, which are awesome, I went back to the hostel. I had to work in my résumé so that I’m not completely poor when I return to Toronto. After that I decided to stick to less touristy areas of the city and explored the neighbourhood around my hostel. I got lost only a little bit. Then I found a cafe and had a coffee and pastry and read an English newspaper – it was amazing. I’m generally pretty easy to please, but travelling makes me appreciate the little things even more.
After dinner the Germans (the ones who had not yet left Quebec City) and I went to a local pub where another Canadian who is staying at the hostel works. All night we watched a local girl get more and more inebriated, until finally she stole a shot, threw a drink at a guy and then threw a glass at him. Police were called, bouncers tackled her, and there was a sizeable ruckus. All I could think of was that this is how the Germans would remember Quebec City! Could have been worse, I guess. Then the girl bit two of the bouncers and started hitting people. Could have been worse? Then she got arrested. At least it’s a pretty good story for those of us not immediately involved.



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