To L’Islet

I have successfully left Quebec City without accidentally ending up back in Quebec City! Mark your calendars folks, we’re celebrating this one next year.
Because it was a rather late night last night, and I knew I only had to ride 80km today, I had a sleep in today as well. Since checkout of the hostel was at 11, I decided to get it right down to the wire. Absolutely worth it – those extra hours of sleep were needed and probably deserved. I do love sleeping in beds.
I took the ferry across the St Lawrence River and was blown away by how many bicycles there were on the boat. (And yes, for the whole boat ride all I could think about was nautical-themed pashmina afghans.) There were great bikes paths on both sides of the river, and many people were taking full advantage of the beautiful weather today. In retrospect, it was probably the one way ferry that prevented me from accidentally backtracking into the city.
I pedalled alongside the river for a while and then made my way to the main road, which is more direct and arguably equally as beautiful, once you’re out of the town centre. I stopped at a Tim Horton’s for tea and was really disappointed when the girl immediately began speaking to me in English after only a couple of words. I guess I need to work on ordering tea in francais. Maybe she just wanted to practice her English.
I had a really good tail wind today, and though there were some minor up hills, most of the day felt either flat or downhill. I was sailing along, which was good because I started so late today. I went through many little towns, and saw many big churches. There were dozens and dozens of cyclists on the road, although their numbers became more sparse further from Quebec City. Most of the riders are nice and smile or wave, but some of them actively turn away from me. I know I smell a little bit, but that’s just flat out rude.
After doing some grocery shopping I arrived in the small town of L’Islet – it’s really quite beautiful and is set right on the river with wonderful little shops and patisseries. I want to wake up early enough tomorrow to justify a visit to the bakery. Or 2 of the bakeries.
I am camping next to Don, another touring cyclist for Quebec City. I will call him New Don, to differentiate him from Don Original, whom I met in BC. We had a good chat about bike touring and riding in Quebec. New Don used to conduct bike tours in Canada for Americans, and once took a high school group on a bike tour, something he vowed to never do again.
I had some dinner and watched the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen on this trip. Hopefully tomorrow the wind will be at my back again, because I love it when that happens.



2 thoughts on “To L’Islet

  1. Hey Kat, the world is right again: you are a few days ahead of me on route. I am enjoying reading your blog. Dd you hear about then Newfoundland ferry not sure if you were planning on argentia or port aux basques anyways. I am now going to change my finish to Halifax. Anyway, happy pedalling and hope there aren’t too many more bar brawls en route…

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