To Rivière Du Loup

That was a pretty uneventful day. If you’d like to stop reading now, I won’t blame you.

When I finally convince myself to get out of bed this morning, it was quite a nice day weather wise. I had breakfast, packed up my stuff and was on my way. Riveting, right?
I stopped in a little town and had second breakfast. The coffee was really good. The food was ok but the plate looked amazing. Please, hold your applause until the end.
Then I rid the rest of the way to Rivière du Loup.
There was wind. There were some hills. There were some really nice views of the Fleuve Saint Laurent. There were some not so nice views of a shirtless cyclist who insisted on speaking to me.
Once again, there were a bunch of riders on the road. Some speed training and others on trips (no more cross Canada riders as far as I know). I went to the grocery store and then to Canadian Tire for more gas for my stove. Someone call Ripley’s.
I ate dinner. It’s pretty chilly this evening, so I had to bust out the fleece again. I’m glad I’ve got that with me. The campsite offers ok views of the Fleuve, but the sunset is not particularly nice tonight because of the clouds.
Across the street, though, is a Christmas store. The largest Christmas store in Canada, so they claim. There’s also a Christmas castle, but unfortunately it was already closed for the night. The store is open all year, they play Christmas music at maximum volume, and the poor girl working there for what could only be minimum wage has to wear a red polo shirt. Sadly, visiting that store was perhaps the highlight of my day.




5 thoughts on “To Rivière Du Loup

  1. Hi Kat, this is Yasse, how is your trip? seems to be be wonderful…
    I just read your blog… excellent!
    Enjoy the end you’re really close to arrived, they are lot of warmshower let me know

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