In Campbellton

I’m thinking that this day of mental rest was a really good idea. I was the only person in the female dorm last night, so I basically has a private room and bath. Unfortunately, I did not remember to close the shades last night, so I awoke a little earlier than usual on a rest day.
Also, apparently I changed time zones. When I crossed a bridge. How do people operate like this? How can towns on opposite sides of a river have different time zones? The functionality of this is lost on me. Luckily, my phone is smarter than I am and made the switch.
I spent the day doing mostly nothing, which is exactly what I wanted to be doing. I had some coffee down by the water this morning, and then I had a delicious brunch. After that, I relaxed. It was glorious.
On a trip into town I ran into three Italian touring cyclists. They are awesome people. They have ridden from Toronto and were impressed that I had come all the way from Vancouver. So impressed that there was a marriage proposal.
This evening I went to see Elysium at the town theatre, which has three screens. In terms of small town theatres, it’s huge. It was a terrible movie though.



3 thoughts on “In Campbellton

  1. And your answer was…??? Come on girl! Have enjoyed following your blog! We reminisce about your visit with us at Shebandowan. Where is Brian now? Any idea? Take care and ride safe! Cheers!

    • Hey Jenn! I had to decline his proposal – I enjoyed talking to Maria too much (who is his wife).
      I have no idea where Bryan is now – I haven’t seen him since Sault Sainte Marie. I think he’s trying to stay off the grid 😉

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