To Beresford

Yay for rest days because today I did not take any wrong turns. Hallelujah.
Yesterday, the wind would have been phenomenal for riding east, but today it was ok. Once again, I had the dorm room to myself last night, so I slept wonderfully. After a rather deliberately slow start this morning, I was off.
I started the day riding along highway 11 and then took highway 134, which is quite a bit more scenic and follows the coast more closely. I’m in Acadian land now, which is pretty cool. I’m discovering that some slang and ways of saying things are slightly different here than in Quebec. I really had no idea that New Brunswick was so bilingual and French! And I call myself Canadian.
I rode about 105km today, and it was pretty quick. I felt like I was going uphill for most of the morning, but that hardly slowed me down. The highway took me through some rather small towns and the New Brunswick country side.
About 20km from the campground I met David, who did half of his cross Canada trek last year and is finishing it off this year. At the campground, I ran into my favourite Italians again. I had a great conversation with my new friend Maria, about the similarities and differences between Canada and Italy. I also gave her (upon request) a quick rundown of the history of the aboriginal peoples of Canada. We were both speaking French, a second language for both of us, so it made for an interesting, sometimes amusing, but quite in depth conversation. Occasionally a little English, Italian, or Spanish would sneak in there.
There was quite a thunderstorm that passed over us, but fortunately it was after I had set up my tent and put everything away. I’m hoping that the fact that my tent is in a slight depression in the ground will not come back to bite me later tonight.


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