To Augustine Cove

Tail wind! Tail wind is the best.
Have I mentioned my feelings on tail wind?
Today was a pretty nice day, and quite short. When I woke up this morning my legs were sore – more sore than usual. On the bright side, my tooth hurts less. Either way, I was not keen on doing a super long ride today.
I left Shediac on highway 133 and had a lovely ride until the highway dead ended into the larger highway 15. This sort of reminded me of the prairies because the grades of hills were very low and the shoulder was quite big. The scenery was beautiful and it made me future-miss New Brunswick.
Because I did not want to take the long way to the Confederation Bridge, I got off highway 15 and took the smaller road called route 955. This would lead me almost to the base of the bridge. It was a pretty torn up road, but there were very few cars so I could take up the nicer part of the lane.
Then came the construction. They were repaving a section of this beastly road so had torn up about 3km of the road surface. And then they had put loose gravel down. Loose gravel is absolutely the worst thing for a cyclist to ride on, next to sand. And then I noticed sand under the loose gravel. So, not only was the road rough, but now it was also creating a lot of dust when cars went by.
Normally on gravel roads, where numerous car tires have traversed there is a small path where there is less gravel and the ground is flatter and harder, and I like to ride on that part. However, because the gravel was so fresh and so plentiful, it would have been silly for me to ride on it. I could almost have guaranteed a flat tire had I ridden over that. And so I walked.
Of course, since I was no longer moving at a fast pace, the mosquitoes attacked. I use word attack because I feel like this is the most appropriate verb for the situation. The mosquitoes in New Brunswick don’t bite, they sting. I can feel when the mosquito takes a bite, and it stings for a couple of minutes afterward. What is up with that? Perhaps someone from the maritimes can explain to me why you have mutant mosquitoes. Anyway, they were everywhere and they were super painful and it made me sad.
Eventually the construction zone ended and I was back on my bike. I stopped in a small town and had some ice cream. It was delicious and made up for the 20 new and painful mosquito bites.
After that, it was a quick ride to the Confederation Bridge. When I first saw it to my left I got really excited and shouted, “the bridge!” Since bicycles and pedestrians are not allowed on the 13km long bridge, I had to stop at the provincial park at the base of the bridge and catch a free shuttle. If I take the shuttle back from PEI, I would have to pay a small fee – the shuttle driver called it “the best tourist trap”. You literally cannot leave the island for free. Cars pay almost $45 to go back cross the bridge, which is a bit crazy if you ask me. I plan on taking the ferry to Nova Scotia – so take that PEI tourist board! I will still have to pay.
I am at a campsite right on the water. Like, if I have to walk to my tent tonight and forget my headlamp and can’t see, there’s a chance I will fall into the ocean. Awesome.




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