To Shediac

Is it just me, or does New Brunswick seem like a small province? I’m done riding through it tomorrow! Of course, I didn’t see everything, but still, it’s pretty small.
Today was not an awesome ride. I had a headwind the whole way and since I stopped early yesterday I had an extra long ride today. All in all, I’m glad the day is over.
While I had planned on starting to ride at 8 today, the comfortable motel bed begged to differ. As a result of this very persuasive bed, I did not get on the road until 9. Alas. Totally worth it.
It started as an overcast day, but the sun quickly made an appearance. There was a bit of rain this afternoon and this evening, but literally only a bit. I think it was one over zealous cloud.
The guidebook suggested sticking to highway 134 whenever possible, and alternating with highway 11 otherwise. This was a grand idea, but also totally ridiculous. Highway 134 is a potholed mess. It’s tough enough for cars to not fall into these holes, so bicycles really have little chance of surviving. Because of this mess called the 134, I rode for a good deal of the day on the busier highway 11. I may have missed a small town or two, but I think it was with the trade. Since there was a headwind and the terrain was quite hilly (and because I was doing 140km) it was less frustrating being on the straight highway 11, rather than hopping on and off.
The few towns that I did pass through were nice, but nothing spectacular (sorry small towns). They were all decked out for Acadian day, though. I’m pretty sure the actual day is tomorrow, so I hope I get to see some celebrations. I hope I get to see some celebrations without suffering through road closures.
I stopped at a Tim Horton’s this morning for some tea and to use their wifi to read the BBC news online (it’s an exciting life that I lead). When I went back out to my bike everyone inside was staring at me. It was like a reverse fishbowl. They were obviously talking about me, but no one had approached me to ask any questions. Perhaps I always need to be reading a paper to avoid human interaction? Anyway, it was really weird and a little uncomfortable. For me. Not them. They seemed ok with their actions.
I eventually arrived at the campground and got myself ready. I may have slightly underestimated the number of mosquitoes here. I have several new bites on my legs, and one vey large and angry bite on my hand. It’s no northwestern Ontario, but there’s still a sizeable mosquito population. I will just have to avoid going outside.

Photo: Acadian flag in reverse. Please look at this photo backwards.



2 thoughts on “To Shediac

  1. I can’t believe you have gone ocean to ocean. You are an inspiration. Enjoy the last legs of the trip and hopefully we will see you soon. Cheers!

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