So Far: New Brunswick

As usual, when I finish a province I like to look back at what I thought about that province, as well as some things that I’ve learned (or relearned) about travelling in general.
First, some thoughts on New Brunswick:
That is a tiny province.
New Brunswick has pay showers at campgrounds. Thought that was over, but it wasn’t.
There are really nice people here. They will actually stop and wave a pedestrian on even if they have a green light at an intersection. I’ve never seen that before.
It’s quite relaxed and unrushed here. Cars gradually start from a stop sign or red light, and frequently slow down to give me more room on the road. I like this.
The mosquitoes are vicious little blood suckers that have adapted over the years to have the most painful bites in the country (so far).
Stuff in this province is expensive. By stuff I mean food and alcohol. Items cost a dollar more here than in previous provinces. Not cool, New Brunswick. What are people supposed to do when it’s cold here for 9 months, read books? They certainly wouldn’t be able to drink with those prices.
There’s a lot of road kill in various levels of decomposition. It seems no one is cleaning it up. I could do a science project with what I’ve seen. A really gross science project.
There are some beautiful coastlines and views here. And lots of lighthouses. Arguably more than would be required to safely steer a ship.

And some things that I’ve learned (or relearned) about travelling in general:
Fully inflated tires and a well oiled chain will get you everywhere.
It’s not just Quebec that has bad roads.
Mosquitoes are evil and I hate them. But they love me.
Dogs do not like the sound of my bicycle and bark when I go by. A couple of times I’ve been scared that they would actually make it out of their yard and chase me. It gets me pedalling faster.



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