To Lord Selkirk Provincial Park

I really like PEI. There seems to be a laid back vibe here that makes everything ok.
I started my day with a free cup of coffee courtesy of the campground owner. Best thing ever. The coffee itself was ok but the gesture was great. The tide was very high when I woke up and as I gradually got going it started going out, which was cool to see.
I rode along the waterside path and then the Trans Canada highway to Charlottetown. Everything is pretty close in PEI because the island is so small. So small. It was only about a 45km ride to downtown Charlottetown.
When I arrived downtown I was just in time to see the end of a parade. Had I known that was going on I would have hurried up to see the whole thing! I only got to see one marching band that for some reason were dressed in a variety of costumes, and one float that said “our hero, Sir John A.” I thought at first this was referring to Canada’s first prime minister (MacDonald), but now I’m thinking it may have been someone else? Anyone who knows more about Canadian history than i do (ie everyone) and can fill me in, I would appreciate that.
After the last float and police car in the parade, the traffic stared right away. The cars were literally following the parade. Spectators were almost running to get out of the street and intersections after the parade so that they would not get run over. Because everyone was still being laid back and very nice, it was a comical situation.
The parade, as it turns out, was for the Gold Cup, which is a large horse race held in the city. Because of this, or because it’s a Friday, the hostel in town was fully booked. Apparently even most businesses in the city get the day off. So, I had to find alternate accommodation.
On the PEI tourist map, there was a campground marked just across the river in Stratford. I rode over there but found that the campground was closed. Gah. Unfortunate.
After a regroup that included coffee and a sandwich, I decided to press on to Lord Selkirk Provincial Park, about 40km away. I called and made sure they were still open and had availability. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but I had been fooled by this map once already today, and I was unwilling to let it fool me again.
This sort of ruined my plans – I had been going to enjoy the rest of my day relaxing in a hostel or at a campground, and then explore Charlottetown tomorrow on a day off. However, I’m thinking that a nice relaxing day at the beach could be better. It does mean I will not get to see the city, but I think I may survive (although it is a bit disappointing).
I arrived at the campground and got set up. Then I met a local couple here camping for the weekend. They were very nice and we chatted about a bunch of stuff. It’s always good to have a real conversation.
Tomorrow I will relax here and go to the beach. Who knows, I might even get crazy and do some laundry (because everything smells more than a little bit).


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