At Lord Selkirk PP

What a lovely day that was. I started off with a nice sleep in, which was ruined only slightly by the very bright sun and heat that it created inside my tent. The perils of camping.
I eventually dragged myself out of my sleeping bag and decided to do some laundry. I haven’t done real laundry (in a machine) since Pembroke, Ontario, so it’s probably time. I triple checked that I had everything to wash – even though I have very few clothes I am notorious for forgetting something. It wasn’t until I was folding the clothes that I realized I had forgotten a pair of shorts, a tshirt, and my fleece. They were inside my sleeping bag sac, which I use as a pillow. I was a bit frustrated with myself, but I left the forgotten clothes out in the sun and wind, so hopefully they at least got a little cleaner.
I spent the rest of the day relaxing and reading. Although I had thought the campground was right on the beach, there is not actually an accessible beach, only waterfront views. That’s ok though, I will find a beach tomorrow. I went to the small grocery store about a kilometre away and got some fresh supplies, and then continued relaxing.
As I sat down to plan the next few days of my trip, my neighbours became curious and starting asking how far I had come. Some even invited me for dinner, which was super nice and super delicious. I sure do like the east coast.



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