To Caribou

I have officially crossed into my ninth province!
I grossly overestimated how large PEI was. I’m used to reading the scale of larger provinces on the map, so when I was given an equally sized but unequally scaled map of PEI, it threw me. I thought it would be about a 50 to 60km ride from the campground to the ferry, so I got started at 9 hoping to be there the recommended one hour early for the 2:30 sailing. I was surprised to arrive at the ferry terminal at 10:17, and to discover that the ride was in fact only about 25km. Needless to say, I was early for the 2:30 sailing. Instead, I was able to get a ticket for the 11:15 boat.
While waiting to board I met four other cross country cyclists waiting to board. They were part of an organized group and had a follow car and a chef, and a hotel on their rest days. I guess that was good for them (they were older than me and doing more kilometres per day because all they were carrying was water and a camera), but I’m glad I am doing this on my own.
The ferry crossing was uneventful but long. Unreasonably long. Like an hour and fifteen minutes long. We could not have gone more than 25km. And it was more expensive than crossing over the bridge. Still, it was on the way, so it was fine.
Before I realized how early I would be arriving in Nova Scotia, I had planned to camp near the ferry terminal. I saw no reason to change plans, so I got a campsite at Caribou provincial park. I set up my tent, dropped my packs, and went into Pictou for lunch.
I have not had seafood my whole time on the east coast, which is very disappointing. It just hasn’t worked out – I either really wanted to keep riding, or there was no restaurant near my campsite. Whatever the reasons, it had to stop. My one goal in Pictou was to eat seafood. Unfortunately, I ordered local scallops, which I had thought would be delicious. However, they were battered and deep fried (the menu had no mentioned that) and were overdone. I was very, very sad. I was even sadder when I realized (too late) that the special was a lobster burger. I really wish the server would have told me that before I ordered. So, my first seafood experience on the east coast was a flop. I will try again tomorrow in Truro and the next day in Halifax. This must be remedied.
Then I went for a beer in town and found myself at a little bar right on the water where some locals were having an acoustic jam session. It was amazing and relaxing and I loved it.
I got back to the campsite and decided to check out the beach. And then I decided to have a swim. In what I am going to call the Atlantic Ocean. Because google maps doesn’t name this part of water. It was very symbolic and I went in the water in my riding gear (minus shoes and helmet). It’s hard to believe I’m so close to being done!




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