To Truro

Ok, technically a few kilometres south of Truro, but I’m not sure the area has a name, so I’m sticking with Truro.
That was one of the worst days of riding I’ve had. Hands down.
I woke up and did not want to get going. It was just one of those days. I probably should have just stayed in my tent.
I ran out of bananas and jam, so all I had for breakfast was wraps and peanut butter. Super dry and super gross.
Eventually I hit the road, tired and slightly hungry. And a little grumpy. I was going south in highway 106, and it was very windy. It was just a cross wind though, so I was not very concerned. I hit Pictou and stopped for some coffee and second breakfast. After that I was less grumpy.
To get back onto the highway I had to go almost all the way around a traffic circle. Instead of making a very simple left turn. Who designed that? I swear it was slowing people down more than anything.
Once I got onto highway 104, the headwind hit. This is because I was technically heading west. West! The direction I have only gone accidentally in the past. The direction I have tried to avoid a all costs, but was now going toward deliberately. I have to go back west toward Truro before going south to Halifax. There’s no way to avoid it.
The headwind was absolutely brutal. For a while, my average speed was 13.5 kilometres per hour. That includes the morning speeds that were actually reasonably quick, factored into the lethargic afternoon trudgery. The worst part was that it was a west wind. The wind that I usually hope for because I am headed east! The one day I head west is the day that would have been phenomenal to ride eastward. Just my luck.
I managed to keep my spirits up the whole day (mostly), which is more than half the battle when fighting a headwind. That being said, I still made very bad time. I only arrived in Truro at 6pm. By that point I had been out of water for a while, and had not eaten nearly enough. This usually doesn’t happen to me, but there was nowhere to stop and refill, and I was moving too slow to want to stop and eat.
I found a restaurant in Truro and ordered two entrees. The first was chicken fingers (I was craving chickeny protein) and the second was a fish cake and an egg. Apparently this is a Truro favourite, and it was really good, but I couldn’t figure out what the egg had to do with anything. The server was confused and I had to explain to her that yes, I did want two full entrees. What’s so hard to understand about that?
After that I picked up groceries and made my way south toward the campground. After a hot shower and a good stretch, I am more than ready for bed.


4 thoughts on “To Truro

  1. You have now reached Brad’s province and he and we will be there in his home town of Glace Bay in December. Go Katharine go!

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