In Halifax (2 days)

I like Halifax. It’s not too touristy, it’s got a great waterfront, nice restaurants and bars, lots of outdoor activities and parks, and a ton of independent stores and cafes. Very cool city.
Erin took me around to some of her preferred places on my first full day in Halifax, so I saw the commons and the gardens and an adorable and delicious bakery and cafe. Then we went for lunch right on the water and then ice cream. Amazing morning.
Then Erin went to work and I wandered about on my own for a while. I ended up going back to Erin’s for a while to relax – I had forgotten she has a cat, which I am allergic to, so I didn’t sleep well the first night.
The Wanderers on Wheels finished their trip my first day in Halifax, so we went to see them for celebratory drinks. Congrats to them!
My second full day in Halifax was very peaceful. I slept in and did almost nothing all day, which is exactly what I needed. There was no rushing or planning or stressing, just pure relaxation. I watched “10 things I hate about you”, because that’s something that should be re watched every few years.
I decided to stay in a hostel for my third night in Halifax so that I wouldn’t wake up to cat allergies – that would definitely have a negative affect on my ability to ride out of the city.
All in all, I really enjoyed Halifax.



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