To Halifax

Everything is soaked. Soaked. It didn’t rain last night, there’s just so much dew in Nova Scotia that everything is soaked. By everything I mean just my tent. But still, soaked. I had to pack it up wet, which I’m not terribly pleased about.
I woke up to traditional Halifax fog. It was so thick I could barely see the tree line 100 metres away from my tent. That’s some good east coast fog. I decided to wait a bit and the fog cleared up completely. It would have been not so safe to ride in that fog.
It was nice to ride today because I didn’t have yesterday’s ridiculous headwind. I was able to ride the whole day at a reasonable pace without battling for every metre. The ride was pretty straight forward and only a little hilly. I stopped in Elm-something-town to get some lunch at the supermarket and conduct a phone interview for a job for when I get back to Toronto. No big deal. Just having a very important phone call out front of an Atlantic Superstore. Please, move along, nothing to see here.
Then I rode the rest of the way to Halifax. Without getting lost even once! I took the MacDonald bridge across the river from Dartmouth because it has an awesome divided bike lane. Lots of cyclist commuters! I am staying with my friend Erin, but she was working until about 8, so she had arranged for her neighbour to let me into the building. I was a bit earlier than expected, but fortunately neighbour Jeremy was home so I was able to go inside.
Erin has a very nice place and I felt too dirty to be inside such a nice apartment, so I immediately had a shower and did laundry. Everything smells very nice now, as I didn’t forget to wash any articles of clothing.
Then, Jeremy showed me some east coast hospitality and made me dinner. How nice! Then I made a run to the NSLC and Erin got home. It was really nice to catch up with her and to be in Halifax!
Oh, and I got the job.



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