To Sheet Harbour

This trip is really starting to take its toll on my body. The last couple if days I have been absolutely exhausted and ready to sleep at 8pm. That’s completely ridiculous. My quads hurt no matter that I just had two days of rest, and my whole body just feels fatigued. On the other hand, I cannot believe that this trip is almost over! I booked my plane ticket home, I have less than two weeks to go before I go back to real life in Toronto. I’m excited to be finished with the trip and to have accomplished this, but I’m not sure I’m ready for real life either.
I am definitely ready I eat real food again. I’m sick and tired of eating a variety of a rice dish every day, that I have to cook outside and that could probably feed a reasonably size family in India. I want to eat normally sized portions of food, that I don’t have to fight mosquitoes and flies for. I can live with having to pack up my whole life every morning, and setting up a tent every night, and sleeping in a sleeping bag, and everything else that goes along with bike touring, but I cannot handle this food anymore – neither the quality not the quantity. On my next cycling trip I’m bringing a trailer so that I can haul a personal chef.
Of course, I had trouble waking up this morning even though I think I got 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I packed everything up and hit the road. It was unclear whether the fog this morning was just regular Halifax fog, or if it would result in rain. Only time would tell.
It rained. This is me, of course it rained. Fortunately, I had gone inside for lunch and I saw and heard the thunderstorm approaching, so both me and my bike stayed dry. Hurray!
It’s quite nice riding in Nova Scotia. The fog wasn’t too bad but it was creating really nice scenery around the trees and hills and lakes. I decided that it wouldn’t turn up well in photos though – it would just look like a dull day.
Remember how I keep saying that animals do not like me when I ride? Cows run from me, birds take flight, and dogs bark like I’m coming for them. Normally dogs try to chase me, but up until now they have not made it past the driveway. They’re usually tied up or restrained or just well trained enough to not chase something into the street. Not today! Today a giant black dog was barking and chased me onto the road. Lucky for me I was on a downhill and therefore able to get away from it. Had I been on an uphill and unable to speed up I don’t know what would have happened. My biggest fear is that I would be bitten and not able to ride and then miss my ferry to Newfoundland and then miss my flight! There’s more pressure now that I’m working toward a deadline. Lucky for me the dog was either unfit or lazy or decided that I did not pose a threat after all, so it stopped chasing me.
Then I went to the campground and ate the same food for dinner, set up my tent, had a shower, wrote a blog, just like always.



3 thoughts on “To Sheet Harbour

  1. We are so proud and excited for you to have made it this far. What a thrill it must be for you to see so much of Canada and to experience the beauty of each province. Congrats from all of us the Sun Valley Trout Farm in BC.

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