To Sherbrooke

You know how I don’t like headwind? I really don’t like headwind.
As you may have guessed, I had a bit I headwind today. It was not enjoyable.
Once again, it was one of those days that I just couldn’t coax myself out of bed. Eventually I got on the road, with a soaking wet sleeping bag at 10am. Quite a morning.
I have decided that on days I have headwind I can listen to music. I play it out loud on my iPhone instead of using headphones, and it’s much easier to hear when there’s not much traffic. It makes my life more bearable to sing along to music while battling for every inch of uphill against the wind.
And that’s what today was – uphill and against the wind. Why does it always feel like there are more ups than downs in a day? I didn’t have any elevation gain but I felt like I was climbing all day. It was the same thing in the mountains, like a week of climbing and then half a day of descent. Somehow it just doesn’t seem worth it.
The views today were quite lovely though. I got to see quite a bit more of the ocean than I did yesterday. There were also quite a few towns that I went through, but none of them had any amenities. It was pretty much just the town welcome signs that let me know I was in a different town, rather than moving from one downtown or city centre to another.
I finally arrived in Sherbrooke and ran into two other cyclists. They’re from Vancouver but had flown to Halifax to bike the Cabot trail. I’ve heard that the trail is absolutely gorgeous and is fantastic to ride, but I’ve also heard that it’s 300km of beastly hills. Like 18% incline beastly hills. Still, I’m sure they will have a good time.
Since I only did 80km today, I arrived at the campground quite early. I set up my tent, had a shower, and then treated myself to a decaf coffee in town. It was super delicious and made me very happy.



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