To St. Peter’s

Well, that was another day of riding. I don’t know how else to put it. So, instead of rehashing a very dull day (what? More hills? And wind? My goodness!), I am going to make a list of the things I will miss and the things I will not miss when I’m done this trip in a week.
(I will be back home in Toronto in just over a week, but I only have 3 days of riding left, plus a ferry ride.)

Things I will miss:
Knowing that everything I see today will be something new, something I’ve never seen before. Each minute offers a different viewpoint of this beautiful country.
The stars at night. Ok, obviously at night.
Watching a beautiful sunset every night. Ok, obviously at night.
Eating 5000 calories a day. It’s great being able to eat everything.
Meeting awesome new people.
The smell of fresh air and the great outdoors.
My insanely strong legs. They’re awesome.
Having rest days that are actually rest days when I can sit around and do absolutely nothing instead of real life chores.
How nice people are outside of Toronto. Sorry Torontonians, but you know it’s true.
Knowing that every day I’m working toward a giant, achievable goal and that every pedal gets me that much closer.

And things I will not miss:
Saddle sores.
Bugs. I’m trying to keep this PG, but just know that I want to swear.
Also eating bugs. Not fun.
Being able to predict, with some degree of accuracy, how much it will hurt when a certain size and type of bug hits a certain part of my body – a horse fly to the shoulder feels different than a dragonfly ricocheting off my leg.
Eating 5000 calories a day. I’m looking forward to normal people sized portions.
Peeing in bushes. I don’t hate this, I’m just not going to miss it.
Working on these ridiculous tan lines.
Answering the same questions about my bike and my trip. Every day. Multiple times per day.
Getting passed by RVs.
Going over giant potholes. Rather, going into giant potholes.
Not having friends and family nearby.



2 thoughts on “To St. Peter’s

  1. Kate,
    I’ve been following your trip across Canada with interest. I just completed a nine day bike trip around Lake Ontario. I was recreating a bike trip that my grandfather made in 1913. Although my trip was much shorter a relate to much of your list above.

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