So Far: Nova Scotia

As usual, when I finish cycling through a province I like to have a look back at that province, and what I’ve learned (or relearned) about travelling in general blah blah blah.
First, some thoughts on Nova Scotia:
Nova Scotia could maybe work on naming places more creatively. For example, there’s North Sydney, Sydney, Sydney Forks, and Sydney Mines. There’s also Antigonish and Tignish, which apparently are two different places.
This province does not enjoy putting street signs on major roads. In towns, when numerically named highways also have a street name (highway 305 is also Main Street), the street name is not given at intersections. It becomes a bit of a guessing game that I’m not very good at.
It seems that every morning it’s overcast and foggy, and by the afternoon it has cleared up.
Every morning there is an especially thick layer of dew all over everything.
People here are nice. I had a couple in a vehicle turn out of their way to give me directions because I “looked lost”.
The NSLC (liquor store) has its act together. None of this LCBO “agency” stuff, or gross and tired looking stores (yes LCBO, I’m talking to you here) – these are shiny and new looking free standing stores with big selections and cold rooms. Swanky.
I like fish cakes, a Nova Scotia favourite, but in smaller quantities. 3 fist sized fish cakes is too many.
There are some beautiful views here. This is a gorgeous province.
The terrain is reminiscent of northern Ontario with some sizeable hills and crummy roads. So far though, no bears.
Alcohol is just as expensive here as it was in PEI and New Brunswick.

And some things I’ve learned (or relearned) about travelling in general:
The amount of food I have in my system is a direct reflection if my mood. That’s probably a life lesson (one that I’ve learned over an over again), but still pertinent.
Earwigs go on the outside of tent.
There’s almost nothing worse than finding a new bug bite first thing in the morning. It means there’s something in the tent with you. The call is coming from inside the house!
If I drink it, it’s drinkable water.



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