To Argentia

I am no good at sleeping on planes, trains, buses, or boats. On the bright side, I did not get sea sick. I don’t know if it had anything to do with my anti nausea wrist bands (they’re a real thing) or just an iron will, but I felt fine the whole trip.
I did manage to get some sleep in the bar of the boat. It shuts down at about midnight and everyone who does not have a cabin finds a bench and sleeps. My friend Erin (whom I stayed with in Halifax) had told me about this bar on this boat. This is the new boat, the one that hit a rock, and I had been told that the interior decor looks like the set of a 70s porno. It’s true, it did look like that. And I slept there.
After 16.5 hours we docked and I got off the boat. It was cold, foggy, and super windy. Like unbearably cold and windy. Is this what Newfoundland is always like? I hope not.
Knowing that I am terrible at sleeping on boats, I had planned to stay at a campground near the port. I checked in at about 10:30am and set up my stuff. Since I was in a tent the campground attendants let me use the indoor kitchen, so I spent some time reading and eating in there, out of the cold and wind. They told me that it had been beautiful summer weather up until about yesterday. Of course it was. I guess someone told Mother Nature I was coming.
I took a 4 hour nap this afternoon, and it was fantastic. It really would have been uncomfortable to ride today – I’m exhausted, dehydrated, and underfed, so a rest day was called for.
Upon waking I discovered that the weather was unchanged, but at least it wasn’t worse. The temperature really wouldn’t have been so bad had I not accidentally shrunk my toque when I washed it. It’s now a child sized hat. Sadly, I still have an adult sized head.
I had a gloriously hot shower and was on my way to the kitchen to make dinner when I was stopped by a car. The man in the car told me that there were three moose just around the corner, if I was interested. If I was interested!?! The elusive moose! Multiples! Meese! Yes, I would like to see the moose, thank you. I grabbed my camera and set out. Not being quite sure which corner the guy had been referring to, I kind of wandered aimlessly around multiple corners, eyes on the lookout for moose. No moose. Then it started to rain. I had my fleece on but no rain coat, so I was forced to retreat. Number one rule while camping in the cold rain is to keep your fleece dry. Nothing worse than being cold and wet. That’s ok though, I’m in Newfoundland, I’m bound to see a moose sometime, right? Right?



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