Out of Shape

How is it possible that I am this out of shape? How? I went and played a game of pickup softball with a few friends from improv, and now I am sore all over. I am sore in more places than I was after my ride. What is wrong with this picture?

I can understand why my arms would be sore – I haven’t thrown a ball in a long time. I can understand why my abs are sore – I laughed the whole time I was playing (I am a whole body laugher). I can understand why my foot is sore – I got hit in the foot with a ball. What I don’t understand is why my legs are so sore – I was cycling for 3 months! Shouldn’t this have bought me some kind of free pass for soreness caused by physical activity? At least for the next couple of months.

But no. Most of the muscles in my legs are sore. Apparently, while OK with the circular motion of a bicycle, my legs are still not down for running.

While running the bases, I felt myself getting out of breath. On the bike, I can pedal all day at a moderate pace. But when it comes to sprinting short distances, I am surprisingly frail. I am so not OK with this.

On the upside, I am now able to both sit and stand without sounding like I’m 90. For quite a while, even though I was stretching, it would hurt above my knee whenever I stood up or sat down (the actual motion of getting up or sitting down, not the static activity of standing still or sitting still). This caused much distress. Because (evidently) I am a fan of complaining, I would sigh/groan each time I had to perform the difficult task of lowering my body into a chair. However, this pain has since disappeared. Only to be replaced by the full body pain of a 2-hour leisurely soft ball game. Not a fair trade.

Also, I can feel the muscles in my legs getting weaker. Not that I’ve done a whole lot of exercise since I got back, but my legs are becoming a bit softer. Whereas before my quads were like concrete rods, now they are a like semi-malleable metal. This is probably because I am not riding a bike 8+ hours per day, and also because I am eating far fewer calories per day.

I guess I need to go back to the gym. At least my cardio’s probably still pretty good.


5 thoughts on “Out of Shape

  1. Hi Kat. Not sure that we’ve thanked you for your excellent blog, and congratulated you on your accomplishment. Anyhow well done on both counts. Reading of your journey brought back good memories of our successful crossing to Halifax from Victoria in 2007.

    Re your concern about being a tourist vs a traveller. No, not even close on either account. You were an adventurer. For us we felt each day was an adventure; not knowing what lay ahead re lodging/campsites (we were both 66 yrs at the time thus my wive wanted a shower each night, which we accomplished all but one night [at the wilderness campsite between Rivere du Loup and Edmonston NB], and grocery stores in proximity to the campsite.

    If you’re out this way (North Saanich, Vancouver Island) we’re members of Warmshowers so do visit us. Dino began her trip with a stay at our place. The very best in the future. John Pringle and Kumiko Nitsui.

  2. I haven’t played softball for many, many years. But I do remember the last few times I played I was sore all over for 4 or 5 days. It even hurt to laugh. I eventually attributed it to a lot of intense and sudden movements. That is what baseball is made up of. Almost everything you do is sudden and intense and short, whether it is swinging a bat, sprinting to the next base and then suddenly stopping, maybe sliding into base, chasing after a ball, throwing a ball. Cycling long distances is very different.

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