Meeting Evelyn Hannon

It’s very rare that you leave a conversation with someone and feel inspired to be a better person. But that’s what happened when I walked away from my conversation with Evelyn Hannon, otherwise known as Journey Woman. She’s an incredible woman, who runs one of the largest travel websites for women in the world.
It all started with a 35-day trip back in 1983. At that time, Evelyn noted, it was not common for women to travel on their own. She got a lot of strange looks, and people who were curious where her husband/boyfriend/father/brother was. But she overcame this, as well as other obstacles, and became an inspiration to other women looking to travel on their own.
It had never occurred to me that there was a time, so recently, when it was frowned upon for women to be solo travellers. It seems like such a foreign concept. Nowadays, while I do sometimes get surprised looks that I’m travelling on my own, it’s really not that much of an issue. I barely thought twice about embarking on a cross-Canada cycling tour as a lone female. Now I know that that’s only because of women like Evelyn, who helped to break down the gender barrier for solo travel.


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