I have some pretty awesome tanlines. Still.

It’s not helping that I work at a pool. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about these tan lines… a lot. I can’t really blame people. Sometimes I catch sight of my legs in a mirror and I wonder, “when did I put white shorts on?” So yeah, they’re that obvious.

Since it’s winter, most people assume I’ve taken a vacation to somewhere warm. Alas, that is not the case. When I inform them (ever so politely) that the tan lines are from the summer, most people are taken aback. The amount of information I give people about the origins of my tan lines directly correlates with how much time I am willing to invest in that particular conversation. The more I know and/or like a person, the more I will tell them. The less I know a person (or the more frustrated/rushed I am), the less I will tell them. Most of the time, strangers get told that I did a lot of bike riding this summer, while acquaintances get the full story, usually. 

It’s not that I don’t want to answer the same questions again and again and again… OK that’s exactly it. I don’t want to answer the same questions – life’s just too short. I just want these tan lines to fade.

Maybe one day, when I live in a nursing home, and someone asks me about my tan lines (which at this rate will still be there), I will be happy to regale them with the story of that time I biked across Canada. But until then, less you have something more creative than, “those are some crazy tan lines!”, mind your own business.


3 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. Yes I noticed today that I still have tan lines on my arms from my bike trip around Lake Ontario last summer. But I was only on the road for nine days. Not like your epic adventure.

    I was celebrating the 100th anniversary of my grandfathers 1913 bicycle trip around the lake. Fortunately he kept a journal of his trip that was handed down to me. Here’s my blog of the event if your interested…

    FYI…I followed you with great interest. Belated congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment.

  2. OK … Your last description sounds like the monologue at the beginning of a movie, starring Kate Blanchet with extreme age makeup…. Close up of tear in eye and then slowly panning out into flashback sequence as the movie title is revealed and the credits begin to roll!

    cut … print … Oscar!!

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