I was recently contacted by a guy interested in doing a similar bike ride in the summer of 2014. He was looking for advice on eating, packing, gear, routes, and general advice. The result was a 500 word email of pure ramblings about everything from practising setting up your tent and stove before you leave, to which route to take through northern Ontario. 
This makes the idea of publishing a book all the more palatable.
I was approached by another two cross-Canada cyclists about self-publishing a book-sized document about riding a bicycle across the country (or, really, any long distance). We want to gear the book specifically toward women, because many times along the trip, we three women (who all rode independently) were approached by people wondering why we would be so crazy as to embark on a trip on our own when it’s so dangerous!
We will tackle what to do to prepare for such a trip, what to expect at the beginning, middle, and end of the trip, and some fun stories from the road. Our trips were all slightly different, so I think the book will offer some nice insights and options, and some ideas for how to really make the trip your own. 
That’s the plan, anyway. I’ve realized that in order to do this I must actually start writing on a fairly consistent basis. Really, I have to form better habits. This is why I am writing this here – now that’s it’s public knowledge, I want people to shame me into writing more often. “What? You haven’t done anything all week? Were you doing something more important? Oh, just watching movies and reading a book, I see. Well, stop being a lazy person and get to work!” Folks, that’s what I’m looking for here. But for now, I’ve written a full blog post today! That’s got to earn me at least an hour of relaxation, right?


4 thoughts on “Experts

  1. Hi Kate: The effectiveness of public shaming over not writing fades in time. I suggest forming your own personal MasterMind group. Ask your Mom about the group we were in. Ask some people in your circles who have the time and motivation to meet with you once a week for an hour or so to review progress and record future activity. Pick people who intimidate you a little to help you rise to your challenge. Help them with their goals. I think this book would be a great success. Consider buying or using a personal cheap voice recorder to capture ideas that you write into a personal ideas journal. Write using a word processor of course but record your thoughts by hand. My preference is to use a fountain pen as I try to make the early writing experience as real and tactile as possible. Consider two ways of getting started. Make that three ways. 1 – write a first complete draft without ever looking back to edit anything. Editing and rewriting come later. First step is to get the ideas on paper. 2 – write your title, chapter titles, sub-titles down and then write each section out. Finally 3- write the end chapter first and the work your way forward to the beginning. This helps fool your internal editor. Hope this helps and good luck. Oh yeah set a deadline date or series of dates and reward yourself as you go.

  2. Kat, congratulations on writing a new blog post, and making known your intentions about the book. I think it will be great! Peter West shares some excellent advice here, as always. If you want someone to hound you, I’m available. And as your mom, I have a lot of experience in this area! (Seriously, right now I am co-authoring a book with someone, and coaching a client as he writes HIS book.) Fun times, as they say.

  3. Well, I’m a total stranger, procrastinator and daydreamer; but I’ll chime in and say that I would totally be interested in reading your book! (I hope it’s an ebook/pdf: no delivery charge!)
    I already read bicycle bloggers, but they are either teams/family, couples, or single men. I believe a book written by/for women would be an interesting angle. Yes, I do want to know your take on safety, camping, and the struggles a regular Jane faces when going on a solo cross-country bike tour. Can we pre-order? (now THAT should put some pressure for you to write!) 😉

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