Biking, again

I went out with a friend who I haven’t seen in about a month. He asked me if I thought it was reasonable for him to ride 180 km in a day, from Toronto up to his cottage somewhere north of Toronto.
Um, sure. Why not? Except that 180 km is really far, and is more than I’ve ridden in a single day (but only 25km further). Still though, if you did it without gear and set out really early and had a place to stop to get massive amounts of food, it should be possible.
Naturally, I invited myself along for the ride. This sounds too good to pass up. An amazingly long day of bike riding, then a weekend at a cottage, and then an amazingly long bike ride back? This sounds like my kind of vacation. That’s not sarcasm, it really does sound like the ideal kind of vacation. In the summer, of course.
If only I could find a way to make money doing this, it would be my full time job.


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