New Year’s Resolutions

I had two New Year resolutions. The first was to stay in contact with people better (phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, coffee dates, etc.), and the second was to go see at least one show per week.

These are pretty simple, easy, and realistic resolutions right? It’s not like I wanted to lose 30 pounds by February, it’s not like I wanted to bike across Canada this year… wait.

But they’re proving slightly harder than I had thought. I always have a million excuses to not go to shows – I have to get up early/I’m too tired/I can’t afford it right now/it’s so far/it’s way too cold to go outside today. And I always have a thousand excuses to not contact someone – I don’t have time right now/I’m too hungry to carry on a thoughtful conversation/I was really keen on watching that movie again tonight instead of doing anything productive.

The result is that my resolutions are being successful but only in bursts. For example, I didn’t go to any shows last week, but this week I’m performing in 4. Last weekend I placed a phone call/visit to pretty much everyone I care about (sorry, anyone who didn’t get a call last week, better luck next week), and then I’ve done almost nothing this week. So, although very inconsistent, it’s getting done.

That counts, right?


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