Week 2: Wax On, Wax Off

It’s week 2 challenge time and I’m still going strong! Today, I had my very first bikini wax… sort of.

I was interested in doing a bikini wax because it’s something new. So why not? A friend from work recommended a place close by that did a good job for a good price. And so I went.

After a quick shower, out of respect for the waxer/wax artist, I walked into the waxing salon. An older man was sitting behind the desk and my immediate reaction was to think “no no no no no.” This is too far – I refuse to be waxed by a strange man. Then a young girl named Mitali (sp?) greeted me and asked me what I wanted done. “A bikini wax, please.” No problem, and she led me to the back room.

We were in a room with a table covered in that doctory sheet of paper, with a tub of hot wax and a sink. “This is my first time being waxed,” I explained to her.

“Take off your pants.”

OK, no problem, I thought. It’s not that I’m particularly prudish, I’ve been undressed in front of doctors and masseuses, but they always leave the room while I de-clothe. Mitali checked her text messages while I awkwardly removed my bottom clothing, leaving me feeling a bit like Daffy Duck (shirt, but no pants).

I lay down on the table and Mitali told me where to place my hands… apparently I was expected to participate. And then it began.

I had my eyebrows waxed once a few years ago, and it wasn’t so bad. I knew that this would be a more delicate (read: painful) operation because of geography, but I’m not sure I was fully prepared for it. In retrospect, perhaps a pre-waxing pain killer (or two) would have been nice. But, alas, I was inadvertently going for a natural experience.

Now, I had read online the different between a bikini wax and a brazilian wax. One sounded pretty reasonable, and the other sounded like a form of rich person torture. What the websites neglected to tell me is that communication with your waxing artist is extremely important. While I thought I had clearly communicated my desire for a bikini wax only, Mitali had understood my request as a much larger undertaking.

We discussed the weather, waxing, her move to Canada just over a year ago, waxing, and her career, in waxing. “You’re so brave,” she told me, “my first waxing I shouted a lot!” I thanked her as I screamed silently. She had me move my hands around a little to help her out, as she calmly applied wax to my most sensitive parts. And then, I realized, we were going a little deeper than I thought a bikini wax traditionally went. But hey, I’m trying new things right?

Ladies, if you’ve ever had a bikini wax before, you know that some parts hurt more, and some parts hurt less, and then one part hurts the most. Gentlemen, that part is exactly what you think.

The weirdest part of this is how much I enjoyed when she blew gently on a recently waxed area. It was so relieving.

I did draw the line on my semi-brazilian wax when she asked me to roll over. I’m just not down for that. Mitali seemed a little offended.

Did anyone ever watch the show Kim Possible on the Disney channel? Remember how one of the characters had that pet, a naked mole rat? Just saying.

My halfsie-brazilian, halfsie-bikini wax was definitely a new experience. I don’t know if I’ll be going back for another, but at least I tried something new.

The naked mole rat from Kim Possible

The naked mole rat from Kim Possible

Also, I just google search an image of a real naked mole rat. Do not google search an image of a real naked mole rat. You will not like what you see. But my goodness it’s accurate.


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