Week 6: High Park

It may sound strange, but I’ve never been to High Park before. I’ve lived in Toronto for four years, and I grew up a short train ride away from the city, but nothing had ever forced me to go to High Park. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of a big park in the middle of the city: I had heard lovely things about the park and the trees and the cherry blossoms. It had just never made my list.

Until now! It’s week six of my challenges challenge, and I needed something cheap… I mean fun. So, off to High Park I went.

To be honest, this wasn’t the most exciting thing I’d done in my entire life. Shocker, I know. But it was good. I met up with my dad who had driven in from Oakville. Despite my terrible sense of direction, I only took two wrong turns on the way there (I biked), and arrived on time. That’s basically a personal best for me. My dad was impressed too.

It was a great time to visit the park: the leaves were changing colour, there was a crispness to the air, and it was fairly quiet. I don’t know where everyone else was on a Monday afternoon. The quiet roads were being used by cyclists and stroller-wielding mothers, as well as dogs and tourists. Everyone was friendly and enjoying their day outside. We visited the zoo, walked several paths, and looked out over a lake.

The sound that prevailed the most, however, was the highways; the sound of cars offered a constant hum overlaying the sounds of nature. Oh Toronto, you do love your highways.

And that was it. I chatted with my dad over coffee, and then I biked home. It was a very relaxing day, full of bike riding and outdoorsiness (my day actually started at Riverdale Farm, which was pretty cool too). I would like to visit High Park again, now that I’ve broken the ice.

A lake at High Park.

A lake at High Park.


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