Week 13: Auditions

If you recall the post from week 12 (which was written a few days ago even though the challenge took place last month), I recently did some cold reads for the New Ideas Festival (NIF). During the cold reads I sent an email requesting to audition, because why not? Just because I have extremely limited theatre/acting experience doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be amazing in a play. Right?

Either way, I went for an audition. In usual Katharine fashion, I was given ample time to prepare, but I waited until the day-of to actually prepare. Natalie (yes, the same Natalie) sent me some monologues to memorize, as well as a rundown of what to expect in the audition. I was also given a side to learn – an excerpt from a scene of a play, as I now know.

So with only a few hours left to go before the audition, I started memorizing the monologue. It was only a few minutes worth of speaking, but it took me a while to learn it. Usually I learn stuff that I’ve written, so I’m more familiar with the dialogue and it sounds more like me. This was a little different though and proved a little stressful. In the end, I was fairly happy with the way I had memorized the monologue: although it wasn’t perfect it was pretty darn good.

Thanks to the TTC, I arrived a minute late to the audition, which probably didn’t look great, but I also can’t fix. Because of the stress of being late and having to deal with the TTC, as well as some nerves for my first audition, I was pretty shaky by the time I got onto the stage. There were about two dozen people in the room, mostly directors and writers, as I did my monologue and side.

As soon as I left the room, I immediately felt a huge sense of relief and relaxation. I was in there for all of six minutes, but it was a very stressful six minutes. While I’m usually pretty comfortable in front of an audience (even on my own), it was still uncomfortable going in there because I didn’t feel completely comfortable with the material I was performing.

I did end up getting a few callbacks though, which was kind of a weird validation, but still nice. Guess what my week 14 challenge will be?!?




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