Week 16: Meditation Take Two

After a wildly unsuccessful meditation attempt, I am getting back on the meditation horse. I am still interested in the idea of meditation – I think taking some time each day to relax and de-stress and not think about a to do list is probably a good idea for most of us.

This time, I tried meditating at home, alone, using an app called Headspace, which was recommended by a friend. I also decided to not do quite so much chanting this time, just for fun.

To get myself geared up for this 10 minute guided meditation, I went for a run and did some light stretchy-yoga, with the intention of slowing down and relaxing to prep myself for the good stuff. Of course, as soon as I turned the app on, I immediately had to pee. My scurry down the hall to the bathroom was not in the spirit of meditation, but did make me feel better.

I enjoyed this app and this 10 minutes. The guy who talks you through the meditation is perhaps the most relaxing voice in the world. They should use him to give directions in google maps instead of that lady they have now. I would listen to him. And probably get lost less.

Since it was the first meditation in a series, and they (correctly) assume we haven’t done this before, it was very simple and straightforward. Just sit, focus on your breathing, listen to what’s happening around you, and then let your mind wander.

Which sounds easy.

It’s actually quite challenging, though. I kept noticing my shoulders tightening up, or my mind thinking about something else that I needed to be doing. Of course, since this is only the first meditation, I knew I wouldn’t be good at it yet. But the very soothing voice said not to worry, so I’m OK with everything.

I think I will name the voice. Something distinguished and smart and classic.




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