Week 14: call backs

Call backs are fun! Sometimes.

I was fortunate enough to get called back to re-audition for a few plays in the NIF. This was my first time going through this process, and I learned a few things about it, in no particular order.

First of all, it helps if the director already has an idea of what they want for the character, and can actually convey that. There was one call back in which the director gave me two opposing ways to read for the character. I’m still not sure what she wanted.

Secondly, I am not great at call backs. I’m not good at interviewing either. This is not ideal when you’re looking for a job, so any extra practice I can get, I take.

Third, there are a lot of very talented people in the city. It was really cool to watch how different people read the parts. Kind of like getting to see a play for free.

Fourth, I’d like to try this again. Auditioning is fun, and it’s something I’d like to keep doing. Maybe I’ll get better at it, and maybe I won’t, but that doesn’t really matter, because it’s something I enjoy.



Week 13: Auditions

If you recall the post from week 12 (which was written a few days ago even though the challenge took place last month), I recently did some cold reads for the New Ideas Festival (NIF). During the cold reads I sent an email requesting to audition, because why not? Just because I have extremely limited theatre/acting experience doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be amazing in a play. Right?

Either way, I went for an audition. In usual Katharine fashion, I was given ample time to prepare, but I waited until the day-of to actually prepare. Natalie (yes, the same Natalie) sent me some monologues to memorize, as well as a rundown of what to expect in the audition. I was also given a side to learn – an excerpt from a scene of a play, as I now know.

So with only a few hours left to go before the audition, I started memorizing the monologue. It was only a few minutes worth of speaking, but it took me a while to learn it. Usually I learn stuff that I’ve written, so I’m more familiar with the dialogue and it sounds more like me. This was a little different though and proved a little stressful. In the end, I was fairly happy with the way I had memorized the monologue: although it wasn’t perfect it was pretty darn good.

Thanks to the TTC, I arrived a minute late to the audition, which probably didn’t look great, but I also can’t fix. Because of the stress of being late and having to deal with the TTC, as well as some nerves for my first audition, I was pretty shaky by the time I got onto the stage. There were about two dozen people in the room, mostly directors and writers, as I did my monologue and side.

As soon as I left the room, I immediately felt a huge sense of relief and relaxation. I was in there for all of six minutes, but it was a very stressful six minutes. While I’m usually pretty comfortable in front of an audience (even on my own), it was still uncomfortable going in there because I didn’t feel completely comfortable with the material I was performing.

I did end up getting a few callbacks though, which was kind of a weird validation, but still nice. Guess what my week 14 challenge will be?!?



Week 12: Cold reading

This is finally happening! My LONG overdue blog post about my week 12 challenge. 

You might be thinking, hey, didn’t this happen over a month ago? And the answer is yes. Have I been way too busy to write a simple blog post? Nope, just the normal level of holiday busy combined with a bit of laziness and a dash of procrastination. Better late than never?

If you know me, you may think that this post will be about me huddling in my apartment reading a book, under a blanket, with my Magic Bag hidden under an oversized hoodie. But no! I did something I’d never done and I went to a cold read for the New Ideas Festival (NIF). It’s basically just a bunch of actors (and me) reading scenes from newly written plays, without looking at the scripts beforehand.

My friend, Natalie, who is currently in the lead for most shout outs on my blog (I seriously want her to be a life coach for people like me), wrote a play for the festival and mentioned on Facebook that they were looking for people to participate in the cold read. Initially I wasn’t interested, but then I remembered that this is my year of trying new things, and this was a new thing!

I signed up for a time slot and made my way over to a theatre in the east end on a Wednesday night. There were a few directors and writers and stage managers sitting in the theatre, as well as the festival organizers and some actors. I was asked to read a character in two of the four plays that night, because they needed a 27 year old female for two parts. 

On the one hand, I was a little nervous going into this, but on the other hand I felt completely fine. After all, I was in the same boat as everyone else – no one had seen the plays before. But I was also in a room with people who had done more theatre than I have (except for that one play I did in university, and improv, I’m a newb to the theatre). 

I am so glad that I took the opportunity to do something new! I had a lot of fun, met some really great people, and ended up signing up for an audition for the festival (2 challenges in 1). Even if nothing else comes of it, it was still a good experience and something fun and new.